We’ve invested heavily in a bespoke online distribution and real time statistics portal so you can get instant access to all the information you need on your show from show downloads to radio stations currently taking your content. This is updated every minute of every day so you’re always on top of how your content is doing and where it’s being listened to.

Get in touch for more information and a trial of our portal - hello@thisisdistorted.com
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Portal Features:

  • Real time download information including percentage of audio consumed by your listeners
  • Geo-location data so you know where in the world your audio is being listened to, right down to city level
  • Device and operating system information so you know whether your fans are listening on mobile, desktop, tablet as well as whether it’s Apple, Android or Windows.
  • We can tell you how much data your show is moving per month from megabytes to terabytes.
  • Get a list of every radio station that’s playing your show, what day and time it goes out as well as how many listeners tune into that station on any given day and time.