Could owning or creating a podcast really benefit your brand? I’m biased so the answer from me is a solid yes, but if you’re not sure then hear me out.

With over 10 years in radio, which include 6 years in broadcast PR, the industry has shown me a lot of briefs from organisations and brands. In that time, only a handful have really had the best success on-air, in terms of creating a real story or resonating with the audience.

So, if you’ve got a product based PR story to push on air, running it past the top dog TV or Radio producers could be tough. If you can’t get it past them, the answer here could be through the wonders of podcasting.

The future of radio

The media industry has developed into an even more advanced and immediate medium that is so accessible for on demand radio and podcasts. There are hundreds of audio sharing websites but also social media has become a huge anchor for podcasts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) helping you to reach larger audiences. These audiences are looking for non-passive content, and content they can enjoy on the home run, the tube, at the gym, the list goes on.

Branded audio is the way forward

The great thing with recorded audio, popularly known as ‘podcasts’ is that they’re a pocket sized way of reaching your target market more intimately without having to worry about as many broadcasting regulations. Plus your audience is there, waiting and actively listening to your brand; and with evidence showing more people are listening to recorded radio as much as live, you have nothing to lose. According to the most recent RAJAR MIDAS report (Spring 2018) 28 million (52%) of UK adults have downloaded a radio app and 6 million listen to a podcast in an average week. That’s a pretty healthy stat, and hopeful for podcast creators!

What’s also great about podcasts is that you can shape them with more flexibility and creatively build your key messages, ultimately giving more weight to your story and brand identity.

Although it could take time to build your ratings and it’s less immediate than a live segment on BBC Radio 4, you are creating a bigger and more engaging image for your audience in the long-run and with the right angle and work, your numbers will come rolling in, and continue to grow. This can tie off campaigns nicely! Not only that, your brand or organisation will be visible for years (the NHS Couch to 5K is still in the Top 5 for Health podcasts and it’s 6 years old).


With the latest technology we’re able to gain very accurate analytics for podcasts including age and location via certain platforms, which is an added bonus.

I recently shook up my radio career to pursue podcasting further, finally more and more people are making and listening to them so it felt like the right time to make the leap. What was before “unknown” is now becoming more known and talked about. Even big TV channels are taking part and investing in younger audiences through them (for example ITV’s Love Island), so it’s an exciting time for radio people like me and even for you!

To get an idea of some podcasts that have come from a PR angle take a listen to:

Jack Daniels - Around The Barrel
Sephora - LipStories
NHS - Health Uncovered
Ancestry - It’s About Time

All available on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

There’s a variety of styles to play with in the podcast world so whether it’s a feature lead piece, product reviews with celebrity guests, celebrity endorsements or a panel discussion, the possibilities are endless.


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