Branded content is a huge growth area in audio, allowing any brand to create original content that promotes their products, services and stories. Here at Distorted we pride ourselves in answering your companies brief and creating a solution that works for you.

Audio is a magnificent way to communicate with your customers - hear some of our work right here.

You might know audio content better as the term podcast, however a “podcast” is a meaningless term left over from that historical piece of technology called an iPod. It’s nothing more than a delivery method for audio, but holy moly it’s opened the flood gates to a whole new world of possibility. You're basically a nobody if you don't have your own branded audio content. Ever heard of 'Serial'?
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You might already spend money on radio advertising, sponsorship or web banners but branded audio content is all of the above under one roof. You choose what the content is and as it's yours, you're the advertiser, sponsor, editor and we'll distribute it. You're essentially cutting out the radio station, website, content gate-keepers and can talk about your product however you want, no rules whatsoever, you own everything! The best part is it's completely trackable, find out who your customers are down to the town they're listening in.
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The possibilities really are endless! If you need to shift fishing rods then why not create a show around fishing. You run a restaurant, let's get down and dirty with a recipe based show in the kitchen or perhaps your company is huge and you just need a decent way of getting internal comms out there, then why not create a talk show with the CEO each month (if you can convince them). We work with big organisations like the NHS & BBC to big brands like WKD and everyone in between. Take a listen to some of our work here.

We can create your audio 'vision', get in touch today for a chat!